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That's right!


"Sometimes I say stuff without even meaning to be funny and I'm like 'Man, my subconscious is hilarious!'" - YOUR ECARDS - funny

just a li'l bit~I hear this once in a while.

Turn down your psycho.

Unfortunately, that's about what I've been doing lately!

While I've been recovering from the flu, Diddly Squats have been a part of my daily exercise routine!

It's frowned upon.

I hate people

@Melissa Ly     lol

Ecards are too funny.


Pretty much

My true friends know this about me ;)

Real Friends crop photos :) So true!

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i don't hate my job. but i suppose the support group wouldn't hurt any.

The Ghost Inside

The Ghost Inside Zach Johnson!

I'm going to verbally assault you like you would never expect from a white girl.

Funny Breakup Ecard: I am going to verbally assault you like you would never expect from a white girl.

My mom posted this with the caption "note to my daughter". She's pretty funny. And this is all too accurate. Hehe.

Olive Oil & Sea Salt-Garlic Popcorn

Funny Confession Ecard: Lord, grant me the serenity to accept stupid people the way they are, courage to maintain self-control, and wisdom to know if I act on it, I will go to jail! laughing out loud

#lol #confession #truestory

crop 'em out.

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Birthday cake #funny #humor

Funny Birthday Ecard: I eat cake because it's somebody's birthday somewhere.

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t refer to it as gossiping, I prefer 'sharing our opinions about other people's life choices'

Oh, you expected ME to keep in contact with YOU but not vice-versa? My bad, I forgot that's how friendship worked.

Unfortunately, this is true of a couple of 'friendships' I finally let go of. I felt like a needy street beggar every time I tried to contact them.