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♡:píntєrєѕt ítѕαlєххα1

♡:píntєrєѕt ítѕαlєххα1

Not all monster's look scary. Not only stranger's hurt you.  Sometime's monster's disguise as loved one's waiting for the right moment to show their true self.

If its yiu, Brent i understand! Would be typical for you to turn it around after you abandoned me! Out of all the people who could have ripped me to shreds, why on earth did it have to be you.

Yep...only you!

This is so true for me Babe! I love the feeling I have when I'm with you. LOVE YOU

Soul mates.

"my heart dropped as i read each word, as if she peeked through the depths of my heart and plucked each truth out. lang leav had found me and unintentionally shared my secret." -seducethesoul Soulmates by lang leav


And we are overcoming this war. #ALoveTooStrong

So many people fight for the things that destroy them. Dont do it! Fight for what you love! I have never been sorry for being true to my conviction, priority or passion.