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  • Jessika Roche

    Your mind gives up before your legs do. Don't let it. So true.

  • Ellie J 2

    Keep running because your mind gives up before your legs do.

  • M Curt


  • Chenelle Mohita

    Don't give up when your mind tells you to...don't give up until your legs give up. #tribesports #jointhetribe #challengeyourself #fitness #motivation #fitspo #inspiration #quote #body #improvement

  • lacey

    TRUE STORY: Yesterday I REALLY didn't want to work out so I decided to AT LEAST do 3miles for my body...ended up doing 7 :D My mind said 3, my legs said 7

  • Jannike Matlock

    Your mind gives up before your legs do. REMEMBER THIS!

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