before you speak think

true that

A Good Apology has 3 parts!

I believe that we are what we choose to be...

Don't ever... Words to live by this new year!!

Emotional health, lifestyle and spirituality go hand it hand. Learning how to do things better, how to reduce stress all work alongside a spiritual life. Definitely worth a look. #spiritual #tonic #lifestyle #choice

yes ...

God First. Love One Another. Never Hate. Give Generously. Live Simply. Forgive Quickly. Be Kind Always.

I love this....such perfect advice... Key to continual self-growth. Be conscious of who surrounds you. It makes a tremendous difference.

This speaks to me... I recently had this happen.... See... I'm floating.

Speak in such a way that others love to listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.

ask yourself before you speak

Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even those who are rude to you – not because they are nice, but because you are.

Your journey has molded you for your greater good

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So true...

You just can't do it.