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  • Heather Renee

    Hahaha! So true, but everyone should watch dr who

  • Jen Seals

    Doctor Who - so true!

  • Alyssa Pivirotto

    Every day of my life... except those moments when Logan and I laugh about crazy Whovian references! #DoctorWho

  • AbbyShot

    Ain't that the truth?! #DoctorWho

  • Dana Wallis

    I'm sorry for all my "Doctor Who" references. But I'm more sorry that you don't get it. #doctorwho

  • Julie Allen

    ok, remove "the Hunger Games" (b/c I haven't read it yet), but insert just about anything else... Harry Potter, LOTR, Doctor Who, Disney.... and it's spot on.

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Always reminds me that I would love to see a Doctor Who anime... Maaaaaaaaaybe spanning the Time War? Come on... it'd be AWESOME!

The ultimate way to get a girl to fall in love with you. (If anyone but the Doctor did this I would kill them.)

now the question is which of my friends will I try this on first? absolutely genius.

Thank you for justifying my book thing David and my slightly less (this doesn't cheapen it!) film and TV thing... and other thing things :D

Don't tell him that you've been here. The Doctor thinks we closed the hospital.

Follow The Doctor's Adventures With This Nifty Timeline | GeekDad |

"Turn Left" for me and "Bad Wolf" for Katie. Too fitting of a find the day we scheduled our tattoo appointments! We're just missing Cory's Gallifreyan pocket watch!

What Doctor Who is about (beautiful) - Imgur "About realizing you're the most important person in creation and at the same time you're the most insignificant thing in the world" Beautiful

That would freak me out a little bit, I couldn't even buy the Doctor Who shirt with the tardis surrounded by tally marks!

I won't lie ...this is one of my problems with Doctor Who ......Doctor Who .. :)...

"I totally ship Clara and the Doctor!" [angry TARDIS sounds] <--- pinning for that comment