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    Only Hope by Mandy Moore.

    You'll Know Ill Run Far Away

    Do all of these things!

    25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25, well god damn it I'm changing it to 35! Best advice!!

    I've always had this mentality. Sometimes I falter. I am only human, but I will persevere.

    ...when things don't go your way Personal Excellence Manifesto by Celes. Need to reword for kids

    The 100 Most Beautiful Words in English - Imgur. Very cool; need to memorize some of these to use as I speak with fellow human beings. It will be funny to confuse some of them because I haven't heard of some of these words myself LOL

    Celtic Astrology is one of the most powerful systems of astrology using nothing but NATURE! Take a peek to see what you are. ~Moon Priestess

    Fairy Tales . Be Beautiful !Get your Fairytales & Fantasy Collection for Fall 2013 today at #mkatplay

    ♥ Tom vs. Loki.

    I go back to this so often I should just get it tattooed on my chest to remind how much I love it every day

    So very true. This was me and most of my friends! In our generation, no one told us it was ok to be alone! We were made to believe we were less if we were "unchosen"! Girls, you are not less, nor are you incomplete if you choose to be a single rather than a couple. You are enough...always know that are enough!

    I hope one day I can steal your heart like I stole our first kiss : ) I told you that same night I wouldn't give up on you.

    When karma comes back to punch you in the face, I wannabe there...just in case it needs help.

    We are simply free from the cage of illusion, because our minds are free. Society is conditioned to think inside the box/cage. When you start to go outside the box or your comfort zone. Amazing things start to happen, and you start to see life in a whole new way. If I told you 1+1=5 you would laugh, because =2 is what you were taught. We are conditioned to have a 1 track mind so to speak. Question everything you know or think you know! M.C

    Now if this quote is accurate I guess when I was younger being told to listen to the newest hip hop song they were really telling me i was a hoe or not a hoe not quite sure...LMAO

    nor do actions, witholding is also a lie, so is saying one thing doing another... why lie? For so long I've lived with lies, witholding - discovering it still being told I'm making it up. It's all felt, it's all blindly infront of you, life shouldn't feel like constant confusion worry. You just have to open your eyes see it. I just ask why? Let me guess, it's a quote from a movie,"You can't handle the truth?",but truthfully I can't handle waiting around for a life that became a lie

    Brayden this is for you and me. We watched this movie so much, hid our heads at bad parts, grandma told little white lies to get through the saddness in Bambi but Thumper always made us crack up. Oh the great memories we shared as we only had were the 1st and always will be. So happy we had all of those times together. I am always in your corner and grandma needs to not say anything on some days ; LOL

    "Ya know, somehow 'I told you so' just doesn't quite say it"


    “You see, we may not look like much but between the three of us we have five legs, four eyes and two and a half working pairs of lungs but we also have two dozen eggs so if I were you, I would go back inside.”

    The truth? I like you. A lot. You make me happy. You make me laugh. You're smart. You're different. You're a little crazy, and awkward; and your smile alone can make my day