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Not for me but this color is beautiful! Maybe with black hair and red but what do I know I'm in the medical field :-P :-\

True Blood Jessica - My husband loves her, but it's okay because there's enough eye candy to go around when True Blood is on!

i really wish i had red hair but then i think only certain people can pull it off. and im not one of them -__-

We're fired up about this gorgeous, bold red!

Red hair...I'm considering going in to have my hair colored professionally since I can't ever seem to get it right on my own.

Dude. Compromise! I can keep my red on top and do a baller purple on the bottom!!!! I don't think I could ever not be a red

I'm done with digital perm for now.. cause so many people are already getting one. But how does one achieve a natural clean messy look (something like this pin) in the office? #hair challenge

Jane Aldridge - long red hair envy (bonus perfect porcelain skin)

oh my gosh so sexy, why did my brother get the red hair and freckles?? curses!

lush lips and windblown hair ~ We could totally use this for something. Right...?