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Learn to Solder Like a pro, and create gorgeous, vintage soldered pendants in no time in this awesome detailed video tutorial

How to Use a Soldering Pick If you are new to soldering, or still a little hesitant in your soldering skills, a Soldering Pick is something you will want to get used to and learn how to use. In soldering there are many uses for a soldering pick, from moving or holding pieces that are being soldered to adding or holding solder in its place during soldering. I use my soldering pick every time I solder to add solder to the joint I am soldering. Read more at

Cartoons that make soldering simple. And as every good Geek knows, soldering is a basic skill. Like boiling water for foodies.

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Jewelry Soldering Basics - How to Solder Jewelry: Solders, Flux, Tools & Setup

How to Solder Jewelry. Remember the three basic rules of soldering; Clean (dirty metal won't work), Connect (solder doesn't fill gaps), and Quick (get in and get out, if it's not working then one of the first two issues is probably not correct.)

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Feather Peridot Opal Wings Necklace, RESERVED

Hmmm, where is the soldering iron?

Learn how to solder jump rings to your craft and jewelry projects. In this video you will learn to foil, flux and solder and how to care for your soldering iron. I will show you what not to do (as always) and share the tips and tricks I have picked up along the way. I will share the difference between a soldering gun, iron and torch. Be warned t...

How to : Soldering Metals - lots of information - ideal for lights, LEDs and for metal filigree work and jewellery

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This is pencil lead. It was tip to me from another metalsmith. It does not burn and holds small parts like tubing in place for soldering. Wild Prairie Silver.