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    • Nicole Manuel, CPC

      Don't let anyone or any thing hold you back from living. Life is too short to hold out and cave in.

    • Viola Mante

      Sorry, out to live! Be back #Inspirational quotes #Motivation quotes #Famous Quotes #Inspiration quotes #Quotes|

    • Darla Grover

      My shop will only be open 3 days a week ///Spring then Fall. #shop #store #sign #hours #funny

    • LeeAnn

      need a sign like this for my front door!

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    Wow. WOW.





    Be strong

    true true

    Good one!

    Maybe not bad things, but true things for sure

    So true...

    People need to learn that their actions do affect other people. So be careful what you say and do, it`s not always just about you.


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    I don't even mind liars that much. They're pretty transparent. But dealing with passive aggressive people is like ... work. Just tell me. This isn't fucking puzzle time.



    I want to print this and just show it to people when they irritate me by being know it alls!

    Day 29.

    "Only God Can Judge Me." THANK YOU! I hate it when people say this just to excuse their actions. What these people don't understand is that there is a huge difference between judging someone's actions and judging the state of someone's soul. By their logic, we might as well get rid of all the prisons, and outlaw punishments because "only God can judge us."

    ...the industrial kind


    Im sorry that my disapproval of your behavior sense of entitlement makes you uncomfortable.