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Amazing! DIY dyed Easter eggs using silk ties!

from Cupcake Project

Easter Cupcakes Baked in Real Egg Shells

I love this. One day my boys will wake up and discover that their hard-boiled eggs have been turned to cake. Seriously. Isn't that fun?


Ovos da páscoa de scrap

ATELIER CHERRY: Ovos da páscoa de scrap

Whether you love hard boiled eggs or soft boiled eggs, Easter eggs or everyday eggs, egg salad or deviled eggs — anyone can master the art of the perfect boiled egg. Wondering how long to boil eggs? Pillsbury's handy timing chart and no-fail guide are just what you need!

Colored Deviled Eggs! Maybe you can give them some color next time! :) I can't wait to try this!!!!

Mix 1 cup of liquid starch & half a cup of flour, blend in a blender. You can double or triple this recipe.  Next get string, embroidery floss, pearl cotton thread or crochet thread. Coil string into mixture & gently press it into the goo. For a little egg, blow up a water balloon & wrap the gooey string around the balloon. Wipe off the excess goo & let it fall back into the bowl. One skein per (air-filled) water balloon-sized egg. It takes several hours to dry. Once dry, pop balloon.

Learn how to turn ordinary deviled eggs into adorable Deviled Egg Bunny Feet to serve at Easter Dinner. Tutorial at

Slowly add more and more water until the eggs are completely covered