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Live 1970 concert CD

There's a little magic in all of us. . .

James and Carly

carly simon+james taylor

James Taylor and Carly Simon

James Taylor & Carly Simon

Family magic

John Mayer, Born & Raised World Tour, Shoreline Amphitheatre

Pigskin magic

Miranda Lambert!! i love everything about this pic, her hair, clothes and guitar!

Taylor Swift! I'm not the biggest fan of her. I like some of her songs, but other than that I don't like her

Catherine Deneuve

Elizabeth Taylor & Marilyn Monroe

Country Singer Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift <3

culinary magic

Kenny Chesney, my favorite country singer.

meryl streep

Taylor Swift is awesome. She doesn't deserve half of the hate she gets and everyone knows it. She can't rely on much anymore besides her Swifties. She knows her Swifties will have her back no matter what. So lets prove to her that it is true. Because Once a Swiftie always a Swiftie right? Lets make Tay proud. Let's give her a reason to smile again. Let's give her some time to shine. Let's keep on being Swifties. ~ Yasmine

Cool Alternative Fashion: American country singer Taylor Swift in the UK

Country singer Taylor Swift was spotted sporting a great summer look, complemented by Summer Cottage!