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its like a hole puncher for old gift cards or credit cards and it makes guitar picks! i need one of these!

It has the shape of a it a banjo? but it has two it is a shamisen? or is it just a plain old avacado? lol :D

Rory had written the track ‘Philby’ about the Cold War and was keen to have some mysterious Eastern flavour on the track. The answer lay in having the sitar guitar to get a kind of balalaika effect, but Coral had only made 50 of these guitars and we only knew where 5 of them were.

How to Build Your Own Mini Altoids Guitar Amp for About $5

Build little amps, young homie. This one costs under 5 bucks for parts but if you are a packrat like me you probably have everything but the chip.

The Tech Candy girls fought over this one. Ok, true story. When the first samples of this Case Set graced...

Ukelele!!! I have one only mine is light pink... I'm going to get really good at playing this!