can't stop laughing, I actually really like little kids but this list is hilarious...27 Reasons Why Kids Are Actually The Worst...

hahaha. so great.

Don't hate lol

This Is a Rare Specimen.

How WE see our fight!!

Bring it.


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This is hilarious!!


Why yes, I'm a bit stressed. Why do you ask? Thinking of you and finals week!!!! It s a Hammy!!!



Took this from my friend its so funny had a good laugh my sides hurt hahahah

Funny kid caption to make your day! #AtDawnWeRideLOL Tap to see more funny picture captions! - funny baby kids pictures meme | @mobile9

I hope that my kids say this about me one day... My mom was a woman I aspired to be as a child. I only hope to live a life they admire. <3

Awww the lil puppy!!! Expectation/Reality = what I think I look like, and what I really look like doing sit-ups. :-)