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Blue Orchids

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Purple Striped Orchid....different, exotic but beautiful!

ORCHID.... A posy of Vanta flower, Thailand ... pinks, nusts, yellows and colour variations, that seem unique to Vandas Orchids !!!!

Japanese Orchids. If these smell good... these could quite possibly be my new favourite flower! :D

"Life isn't happening to you; life is responding to you." -Rhonda Byrne, The Power

The light can not exist without the darkness both in the physical world and within our psyche. We took a chance agreeing to be born. Some carried deep childhood scars that operate in the experience through out life. But Joy IS our birth right and we can not achieve this with out accepting what is difficult in ourselves and in this world.

ORCHIDS: a rare combination of burgandy with yellow throats. They almost resemble faces.

Phaleanopsis Orchid this perticular variety is easy to grow indoors... Beautiful Plant

Moth Orchid - Phalaenopsis; by peaceful-jp-scenery