marble fence... I like the idea of doing this to a children's treehouse for whimsy. :)

Colored glass Instead of gravel in the garden or can get these at the dollar store.

How to make a marble fence (via @thecraftblog ) (hoh132)

Bury a plastic bottle with small holes to water your plants roots..brilliant in arid climates!

Homemade Butterfly Feeder~Use 4 parts water to one part sugar, and add over-ripe fruit. Bright colors will attract them.


Cost $42 to make!!! Dig a 2ft deep hole four feet around. Purchase 25 4x4x12 pavers and 12 flagstone pavers. We bought ours from Menards. We also put two bags of 3/4" river rock in the bottom. It's so easy!

If I ever have a fence.


Heart Fence

I like this solar light display...would like to do something similar.

Twinkling Path Lights

Tree Branch Privacy Screen - 40 Rustic Home Decor Ideas You Can Build Yourself #Garden_Privacy_Ideas #Top_Garden_Ideas #Landscape_Ideas #Garden_Decor #Garden_Design

Great idea for a little color on a fence!

Awesome fence idea. It looks like metal ceiling tiles or cuts of old metal fences. Either way it is cool.

hanging baskets on a fence

raised garden next to fence | Decks, Fences and Flower Beds

DIY Fence ideas!

DIY Wine Bottle Fence. Use a diamond drill to make holes in the bottles and thread them on poles. Great idea for a room divider as well.

fence idea for side yard

DIY Adirondack chairs - Has step by step photos and uses cedar fence boards, screws glue. from This SortaOld Life