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Barrett's Esophagus Progression

appendicitis-home-remedies Appendicitis Home Remedy In the human body, the appendix is situated on the lower side of the abdomen. It has a cylindrical shape and forms a part of the larger intestine. Appendicitis is a condition when the appendix gets swollen or inflamed, mainly because of primary obstruction of the appendix lumen. The risk of having appendicitis is more between the ages of 10 and 30. Its main symptom is a shooting, almost unbearable,

The vermifom appendix or appendix in short, is a small part of the bowel or intestine. It is situated on the right side of the abdomen at the junction of the small and large intestines.

This is a photograph from 1902 showing a patient about to get an operation. The interesting thing is the large crowd of spectators. One would assume that they are medical students, or somehow there for a reason. It creates an unusual image, since they are there in street clothes . . . they look like they are attending the opera. The picture was taken at the Jefferson Medical College Hospital.

La saciedad es la sensación de estar lleno después de comer. La saciedad temprana es tener la sensación de estar lleno antes de lo normal o después de comer menos de lo usual. Consulte con tu especialista si: - La sensación dura de días a semanas y no mejora. - Bajas de peso sin proponérselo. - Tienes heces negras. - Tienes náuseas y vómitos, dolor abdominal o distensión. - Tienes fiebre y escalofríos