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    The most amazing wooden lovespoons by

  • C o r m a ë l

    A trio of consummate Welsh love spoon designs combining intricate celtic knot-work and Canadian motifs, carved by David Western, master love spoon carver and author of "The Fine Art of Lovespoon Carving" and "History of Lovespoons." #Welsh #Lovespoons

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A Celtic Love spoon with a crow, dragon, poppy and daffodil.

Celtic love spoon with shamrock,rose and daffodil

I have this exact spoon on my bedroom wall and love it so much!


celtic spoon | Celtic Love spoon love - spoon lovespoon welsh hardwood hand

One of Laura Jenkins' gorgeous Welsh lovespoons. This one features Celtic knotwork, a lock, and, of course, the dragon... Carved in cherry.

celtic spoon | Celtic Love Spoon - what is seen cannot be unseen

Celtic: Welsh Lovespoons. In centuries past, these were carved by a young man to present to his prospective bride, to demonstrate to her father that he was capable of woodworking and thus of supporting her.

Tryfan from the lower slopes of Pen yr Ole Wen, Wales

Alder is a traditional Celtic wood known for courage, adventurism and self-reliance. It is a selfless protector, especially against drowning and death and is a solid shield against curses and ill-omens. Associated with warriors and explorers it helps protect against conflict and prepare for unwanted intrusions. This may be due to its connection with the Welsh god Bran - Alder was his sacred tree and one of his main functions was as a defender, keeping enemies at bay.