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Yellow is one of the three primary colors. It stimulates thoughts of sunlight, joy, happiness, optimism, intelligence, summer and hope.

The last time you came down kelela and we went snorkeling, there was a fish just like this one following me

Next time I book a hotel Im going to write something random in the special request category and see if they pay attention. Usually I request a 2nd floor room if staying alone (weird I know) but Ill have to think of something creative...

I would SOOOOO drive that. This is officially the only way smart cars should ever be painted. How do I make this a law? (Srsly, it'd be great for the environment, as all the big kids having panic attacks about growing up would rush to feel childlike again!)

Taking my fondness for men in uniform to a whole new level. THIS IS MOST EXCELLENT.

"A friend posted this picture last night. Best coincidence ever!"

Parenting. You're doing it right.

Tom Hanks 1934 Smith Carona typewriter letter Perfect sentiments to go with the new app!

...I need friends like this - ヅ #humor

"This is my new favourite way of dealing with negative feedback" / Sandwich shop in the East Village