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People that don't like cats haven't met the right one yet. ~Deborah A. Edwards

You'd like to say to me "cute", I know it. - Click image to find more Animals Pinterest pins

next time i go to the humane society this is going in my purse on my way out...

"We all need someone we can dream on. If you want to, baby, you can dream on me." --Mick Jagger and Keith Richards

How to create chaos: fill a bathtub full of curious kittens, turn water on.

Time out bathtub for bad kittehs by lalalaurie

Ever wondered what a cat on a glass table looks like... this makes me giggle everytime!!

morning stretch~~ (I'd lay odds this casual kitty is a boycat.. I've never seen a female cat kick the feet back straight behind her this way.)

Oh, hear me, Great God of Kittehs, and grant fer me dis miffiical fing known as a 'Sar-deen'.