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You're gonna wake up on fire

C'mon, Giles... You should really know that was really only two questions, one of which was repeated. But I'll let it go this once, seeing as how you're Giles and all.

I feel like this was one of the defining moments in his life. For him its like, 'the woman I love believes in me'; it's what kept him going from this point on.

my other favourite quote from the episode :) - also adore the little smile on Spike's face when he says 'so one of us is living' ...sigh ♥

Of course Spike new how long she had been gone. Broke my heart a little bit.

I get scared when I have to sneeze while driving.

yes! Invisible horses Geekdom, Geek out, Fun, Funstuff, Nerd, Nerdy

Frozen - How it Should Have Ended. I love these, and this was one of their best ones yet!

Reese are my favorite candy! I'd get so fat after this considering I'd get like five and then throw up. But it would be worth it

That has a blades of blender death for bugs. Seriously, I'd buy one.

Kids are going to be so much more comfortable with silence when they grow up. Oh Dora.

Oh Abby this is why we love u