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I've always said "beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, but rather that of the creator"

Stressed is desserts spelt backwards :)....Yes it is and unfortunately desserts stress me out!!! Sad face...should I or shouldn't I????

Most People With Good Taste Are Young And Poor. STORY OF MY LIFE!

So true! Be unique, be you! Find what YOU love doing, don't be so quick to blend in & join the majority. If being YOU means being on your own little boat & having few "supporters", that may just be better than not being you. LOVE YOURSELF, I mean, I love you. Who wouldn't? You are fearless. The Creator of the infinite universe loves you. You are made for wonderful things.

Good Things. So true. You're not going to get anywhere depending on other people and not working hard. DUMB BITCHES.

Though I just always aim to be better than my competition, dressing better too is extra salt in the sting of their defeat.

Dear Louis Vuitton, I've got designer bags, under my eyes. -- jeff hamada

I'm adopting this blogger's New Year's Resolution. being mindful to do more of the good things in life.

dress code tip Another good one I like to use is "in case of doubt wear a dress!" haha but then I have love for the fair frock that's borderline obsessive

Funny Bitchy Quotes: funny bitchy posters I gonna start calling it my Scarlett O'hara face