• Stacy Donaldson

    My BIGGEST pet peeve EVER! I'm making signs for the next road trip...

  • Ron Edge

    This covers two of my categories: funny stuff and Great Ideas. I'm making some of these!

  • Michelle Nelson

    Get out of the fast lane! ~Sigh... This is definitely a huge pet peeve of mine. I realize that my speeding is my problem, but Aren't you embarrassed to have cars passing you in the right lane because you're stubbornly claiming the left @ 115 km/hr?

  • Samie Arnall

    My road rage makes me yell this when I'm driving down the road. I need this sign.

  • Renee Markovich

    Texans have NO IDEA that there's a fast lane. You'll have to drive behind TWO MORONS going the same speed beside each other for miles! Can you say road rage?

  • ROFL Dump

    Get out of the fast lane #funny #sign #lol #car

  • Tracy Gogators

    I literally laughed out loud.

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Anti-theft lunch bags. Funny!