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19 Things We Should Say to Our Children...absolutely LOVE this! Number 4 is something I need to memorize.

19 Things We Should Say to Our Children.absolutely LOVE this! Number 4 is something I need to memorize. Actually, these are things we should all say to one another, not just to children.

How to Teach Stranger Danger. Really like the tip: 'Grown ups should ask grown ups for help' -- a great way to explain it to kids!

How to Teach Stranger Danger

tips for teaching stranger danger. Important, along with teaching about danger with people we know. I believe statistics say that most things happen to our children by someone we know and trust.


Scripture verses/tips for Happy Heart time ("you're not in trouble quiet time") How to Stop the Whining and Crying: The Happy Heart Technique

feeding mistakes

5 of the Most Common (and Fixable) Feeding Mistakes Parents Make - Positive Parenting Solutions *i agree with everything in this article! Both from from experience as a dietitian and as a parent!

how to stop whining children

Do you have whining kids? This method for stopping your child's whining has worked for three generations in my family! Read this post to find out this simple effective way to put a stop to the whining in your house!

The Interrupt Rule - A simple way your child can respectfully interrupt their elders. This one simple step completely changed the dynamic of our home.

The Interrupt Rule

This is how they teach the kids to interrupt at my girls' Montessori school. The Interrupt Rule - How your child can show respect and honor to their elders through a simple rule. {the House of Hendrix}

top 10 manners your kid should know by the age of 5.

10 Manners Your Kid Should Know by Age 5

The Top 10 manners your kid should know by the age of This is SO very true ! I wish more parents would listen to these very common words of wisdom ! My kids WILL have manners!

10 ways to stop a Temper Tantrum | Some of these tips would apply very well to some adults I know too. LOL! No... really.

All kids tantrum. My oh my do they tantrum! After going through the wonderfully terrible twos with.

A Toddler's Summer Bucket LIst - free printable and lots of ideas to keep your kiddos busy.

A Toddler's Summer Bucket List.things to do before the end of summer Again. 20 years old and this still sounds mad fun. Kayla, let's draw pictures and play with stickers and build pillow forts!