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"I just want a mate." "You just want... TO mate?!?!" "NO!!! I just want AYY mate, I want AYY mate!!!" "Good, 'cause you're not matin' with me, sunshine!!!"

I can't even watch this part of the episode. I turn it off right as Donna and the Doctor get into the TARDIS on the beach at Badwolf. Rose has TenToo and the DoctorDonna and Ten are off to party in the universe. Everyone happy.

Uh, yes, 5 stars. Apples r against the doctor. No more apples. The 10th doctor is supposed to leave, exterminate all apples.... MATT SMITH IS REPLACING DAVID?!?! NOOOO!!!!!! *crushes apples*

I can't help it, I ♥ how much they loved one another. #Doctor #Who #Love #Sad #Sniffle #Bawl - Holy Tardis of Gallifrey what are my feels even doing ;_;