"You're not mating with me, sunshine!" AMAZING!

Time Lord insults. Is it bad that I was like "AWWW SNAP" when I read this...?

You're Not Matin' With Me Sunshine!

Another pinner:"he has aged so much" Me: "Where did his eyebrows go?"

Doctor Who

how bad is it?

I almost went into cardiac arrest when this happened. Doctor Who + Harry Potter. "Good ole JK!!"



"Having a bad day? Here's a gif of David tennant smiling. I dare you not to smile back :)" Keeping this forever

30 day Doctor Who challenge day 07: favourite season, newwho season 4. With Donna "motherfucking" Noble, the doctors equal and best mate not to mention the most important woman in the universe <3

This happens to me every time...

I can't even watch this part of the episode. I turn it off right as Donna and the Doctor get into the TARDIS on the beach at Badwolf. Rose has TenToo and the DoctorDonna and Ten are off to party in the universe. Everyone happy.

This makes me cry every single time! // Wilf! I miss him. He was such an amazing character with such depth.


"There are times when I relate to donna on a spiritual level"<<<< me too person who wrote that comment, me too.

You're not mating with me sunshine! best line ever by Donna. Doctor Who

Amy and Rory - amy-and-rory Fan Art

Uh, yes, 5 stars. Apples r against the doctor. No more apples. The 10th doctor is supposed to leave, exterminate all apples.... MATT SMITH IS REPLACING DAVID?!?! NOOOO!!!!!! *crushes apples*

River Song is amazing.