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I want this. And any time someone reads it out loud, I will reply, "Oi! Watch it, Earth girl!"

THIS version of the Hunger Games. | 34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real

  • Naomi Williams

    Can't argue with you there ;)

  • Equinox51

    We all know who would win with aveda kedavra. District 9 3/4 all the way!

  • Caila Chapman

    Merlin would win. The other tributes pose a threat to Arthur, so he would take them out. The Doctor and Sherlock might pose a problem though, but Merlin would kick butt.

  • Caila Chapman

    Oh, and Sam and Frodo are WAAAYYY out of their leuge. Sorry, but everyone else is freaky smart or freaky powerful

  • Varsha

    I'm still firm on my opinion that they'd turn on the Capitol. Most of them have a pretty strong sense of right and wrong.

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This inevitable meeting. | 34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real...I HATE TO LOVE THIS! Because it's Rory & Death!

34 Amazing Crossovers You Wish Were Real - Need this one in my life immediately. And oh my gosh, I heard all their voices :)

I am Sherlocked and apparently so is Han Solo. Seen this a million times...never gets old.

I think I found my next birthday cake... All it needs is a fez and a tom baker scarf xD

11 as 6>>>the strangest thing is that it kinda on some weird levels, just works on Matt smith

Tardis Backpack - Imagine all the books this would hold! Give me some sharpies, puff paint, and other assorted craft supplies. My kid will definitely have this backpack.

Ok I don't know if this only happened to me.... But I clicked on the pic on my phone and it changed to black with the Ponds on it. Weird. Or maybe that was supposed to happen I don't know -----> CRYING IT HAPPENED TO ME <--- WHAAA- HOOOWWW?!??

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Fantastic, Brilliant and Cool Doctor Posters

Doctor Who TARDIS Poster 27" x 40" ~This Doctor Who poster features the shape of the TARDIS, formed with great lines of dialogue from the new Doctor Who series featuring Doctors Nine, Ten and Eleven! ~ via this Etsy Store, "Skahfee Studios".