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agoodthinghappened: Down on the River by ann creasey on Flickr.

Beautiful day to be an oil CEO, bad day to be a duck ... How, exactly, do you clean an oil-slicked, angry goose? This may become useful information in the next few years.

6. During the first month or so of life, ducklings DO NOT QUACK...they peep! Their voices change at about 4 - 5 weeks from peeps to quacks, and the process doesn't sound too different from a young man going through puberty!

Boy its raining here in Southern California! Relaxing with a hot cup of tea and a good book sounds like a fabulous way to enjoy the rain! What book are you reading or will you start reading this weekend?

This Duck's Wet, Wild and Free Check out this adorable photo as this fluff ball dries off after a nice swim!

Two bookcases ($34.99) anchor this makeover. The baseboard wrapping the base creates a custom-built look. For extra storage, divide the bottom units to create cubbies for shoes.

maryruffle: tinywhitedaisies: raspberrytart: Trying to get my ducks in a row (via juleeln)

One mallard duckling, four yellow ducklings

eend artis IMG_0227 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!