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    This picture is in my grandparents house

    • Vickie Palsgrove Solt

      You Been Farming Long? This picture always made me smile. Sometimes I would watch my Dad and another farmer talking and I would see the two of them as young boys, hands in their pockets and caps on their heads.

    • Dominique

      You Been Farming Long? I remember seeing this photomany years ago at the county fair Paso Robles in the photography show. It became world famous. Click the picture for a story of this photo, who these boys were

    • Laney Dalton

      Been farming long? This has always been one of my favorite kid photos because it reminds me of a picture of my dad, and his brother, when they were very young!

    • Diane Durand

      I remember this one from I think back in the early 80s...many have tried to copy the concept with cute farmer sayings on country kids' photos, but none can do better or equal this one.

    • Marcia Bryant

      Been farming long? This picture hung in my grandmas kitchen for as long as I can remember and I would love to remake this photo someday!

    • Zach Christoffersen

      You Been Farming Long? My aunt and uncle had this photo in their kitchen when I was a kid. Always loved it.

    • Saskia Quiko

      you been farming long? ....... Love this! #little #boys #farm #farmer #farming #photography #cute ≈√

    • Molly Moon

      you been farming long? [this picture reminds me of so many things and people in my family] <3

    • Christie Nelson

      Country. Funny

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