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Mojo Pork Tenderloin | The Foodie Physician

Hawaiian chicken kabobs 1lbs boneless chichen breast 1can pineapple chunks 1/2cup soy sauce 1/4cup veg oil 1tbs brown sugar 1tsp garlic powder 2tsp ground ginger 1tsp dry mustard 1/4tsp pepper 1large green pepper 12 med mushrooms 18 cherry tomatoes cooked rice cut chicken into 1inch cubes drain pineapple keep 1/2cup juice then take juice and next 7 ingredients and boil add to chicken let sit 1hr put everything on kabobs and grill eat with rice. Enjoy!!

Cast Iron Camping Recipes

Grilled Pasta Packets #Campfire #Recipe

One less worry ... make your own water after disasters and social unrest. If you have sun and undrinkable water, then the Panel will produce clean, tasty water, up to ten times more pure than tap water.

Windshield Shade + Velcro = Easy Portable Solar Oven! "I have found this totally simple solar oven extremely practical, as it is so lightweight and easy to carry along anywhere. But in addition, it has reached a higher temperature in a shorter time than all the other models I have experimented with so far (I haven’t used a parabolic) - a little above 350 degrees F. I have cooked black beans in about the same amount of time as on a gas stove; I’ve used it to bake breads, granola, brownies, ...

Make your own little brown egg~ a terracotta smoker! Yes!!...

brick stove

Cinnamon Sugar Twisties. Just wrap biscuit dough around hot dog stick, roast on the fire, roll in butter and sprinkle cinnamon-sugar. Yummy.

Roasted Rolo Marshmallows. I think yes.

Cooking food while winter camping

Breakfast camping recipes

Dutch oven over fire

For the grill: Cut your tomatoes in half crosswise, season with salt and pepper. In a small frying pan add crushed garlic, olive oil and fresh thyme, cook til golden, take off the heat and add in grated parmesan cheese. Place your tomato halves cut side down on and oiled grill until you get grill marks, then turn them over with tongs and spoon the garlic cheese mixture on top and continue cooking.

"Best Burger Recipe Ever with Secret Sauce." It has grated Monterrey jack cheese, Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, season salt, cracked black pepper, & onion powder. Sounds YUM!

Grilled Sweet and Savory Peach appetizer. Peaches, pancetta, fresh basil leaves, and balsalmic vinegar.

shrimp, sausage, corn, potato kebabs - how easy!

Marinated Grilled Mushrooms

No more raw food, GrillComb rotates everything evenly

Cooking Channel serves up this Barbecue Championship Ribs recipe plus many other recipes at

Summer Dinner Recipe: Low and Slow Memphis-Style Pulled Pork

charcoal in terra cotta pots...awesome.

Grilled brussels sprouts with whole grain mustard... 1 pound of Brussels Sprouts 2 Tablespoons whole grain mustard 2 Tablespoons Olive oil Salt & pepper, to taste

The newest camping dessert! Strawberries dipped in marshmallow fluff and then roasted over a campfire.