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    REAGAN ON SOCIALIZED MEDICINE: Just listen to the first 15 seconds. If you like it, listen to the next 60-90 secs. Ronald Reagan was the Greatest President of our generation & he warned us over 50 years ago what was coming our way. Now, just as he cautioned, we are again on the verge of socialized medicine at a time when Social Security & our economy are in peril of collapse. If you make it to 6-7 minute mark, it hits very close to the truths behind Obamacare. You can't say we weren't warned!

    President Ronald Reagan

    - Ronald Reagan

    A real president.

    Vote for Mitt on Nov 6th to restore our America..

    YOU MUST HEAR THIS!!! ~~Judge Nepolitano really drives home the desperation America now faces. YOU MUST HEAR THIS!!! ~~American is marching toward communism at full speed. It's very scary. HR347 the president just signed it, if you protest or exercise your free speech, they can arrest you and put you in jail for a year. - Can you say, "Unconstitutional"?

    Paul Harvey's warning to America


    Ronald Reagan...definitely had a way with words.

    "No Arsenal or No Weapon In The World Is So Formidable As The Will And Moral Courage Of Free Men And Women." Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    Ronald Reagan

    We need another man like President Reagan. His love for America was Never Questioned!

    Ronald Reagan

    Wow, and they say we're racist because we don't want to vote for him?

    Ronald Reagan Quote

    We do not want socialized medicine." -- Ronald Reagan

    The trouble with trouble is, it starts out as fun.