Elizabeth Stafford, Duchess of Norfolk (1494 - 1558). Second wife of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. She was one of the two godmothers of the future Queen Elizabeth I. Her marriage was unhappy as her husband lived openly with his mistress and had Elizabeth imprisoned.

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Hatfield House, where Queen Elizabeth grew up

An early portrait of Elizabeth I, when she was a teenager. (There is a modern replica of her necklace at http://pinterest.com/pin/183169909814213228/ )

Lady Elizabeth Cheney Tilney. Her granddaughters included not only Queens Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn, but also three of Henry VIII's mistresses - Elizabeth Carew, Mary Boleyn, and (allegedly) Mary Howard, Duchess of Richmond. During the reign of Henry VIII the Howards, led by her eldest son (Thomas Howard/3rd Duke of Norfolk) became the premier family in England. *CHS*

Famous necklace of Anne Boleyn. She actually had three similar necklaces, one with an A, one with a B, and one with an AB. It is rumored that her jewels were passed down to Elizabeth I, and also that pearls from Elizabeth I are in the crown of Elizabeth II. Interesting to think they could possibly be from this legendary necklace.

Elizabeth I Queen of England (1533-1603) Elizabeth near the end of her life.

Elizabeth I

Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I. (1533-1603) by Marcus, the Younger Gheeraerts. Portrait painted when Elizabeth was about fifty. This is my personal favorite of all portraits of the Queen.

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Elizabeth I (1533 – 1603) – English queen and daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was the last Tudor queen, and her reign included the contributions of William Shakespeare and Francis Drake.

Although throughout her reign Queen Elizabeth I never spoke publicly of her mother, the treasonous; and beheaded second wife of Henry VIII, upon Elizabeth's death in 1603, this ring was removed from her finger. Within its secret compartment are two miniature enamel portraits, one of Elizabeth, the other, of a woman many believe to be Anne.

Rarely seen portrait of Queen Elizabeth I

Anne Boleyn's grave marker in the Chapel of Saint Peter-ad-Vincula, Tower of London

Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn were her parents. House of Tudor. 1st cousin 13 times removed to Queen Elizabeth II. Reign: 44 yrs, 4 mos, 5 days. Succeeded by her 3rd cousin, James, of Scotland

As one of the most powerful women in history, Queen Elizabeth I, is a female soul that commanded all. For her strength and virtue, she is forever a woman who's name will live on..."A clear and innocent conscience fears nothing" ~ Queen Elizabeth I

A pair of miniature paintings thought to have been commissioned by Elizabeth I to mark the end of her relationship with Robert Dudley. Elizabeth I often commissioned miniatures as personal gifts. These were made to mark the end of the affair. They can be dated to 1575. It is the year when Robert Dudley finally gave up his hope of marrying Queen Elizabeth I. Both Elizabeth I & the Earl of Leicester were patrons of the artist, Nicholas Hilliard, "the father of miniatures".

Margaret de Valois, Margo, was a granddaughter of the King, daughter of the King, sister of the King, mistress of The King, wife of the King but never a widow of The King. She is 13 years old in the portrait. At this age Margo fall in love and started relations with her brother Henry III, who needed this to make his sister his spy in the court of his mother. A year after he betrayed her and she has never forgot this.

Robert Dudley (1533–1588), Earl of Leicester

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1589 Lady Elizabeth Walshe by ? (York Museum - York UK) "Elizabeth Stoner was a lady-in-waiting to each of Henry VIII of England's six wives, and was the 'Mother of the Maids', with responsibility for the conduct of the young maids-of-honour. She was the wife of the King's Sergeant-at-Arms, William Stoner. She is remembered as one of the gaolers of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII's second wife.