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    • Rebecca Pattison

      Elizabeth Howard... Nationality: English... Mother of Anne Boleyn and Maternal Grandmother of Queen Elizabeth I... Lifespan: 1486-1539... Born: Arundel Castle in Sussex... Married: Thomas Boleyn in 1499... Died: 1538 April 3... Family connections: Member of the powerful Howard family, mother of Queen Anne Boleyn and grandmother of Queen Elizabeth I... Character of Elizabeth Howard : Proud and ambitious...

    • Jessica Goodson

      Elizabeth Stafford, Duchess of Norfolk (1494 - 1558). Second wife of Thomas Howard, 3rd Duke of Norfolk. She was one of the two godmothers of the future Queen Elizabeth I. Her marriage was unhappy as her husband lived openly with his mistress and had Elizabeth imprisoned. True story.

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    Locket ring belonging to Queen Elizabeth I. It is said she always carried a portrait of her mother, Anne Boleyn in this ring.

    The coronation glove of Queen Elizabeth I is embroidered with silver thread, pearls, sequins & silk-satin inserts in a design that shows an orb, flowers & leaves! Elizabeth wore this glove to wave to throngs of her new subjects on January 15th, 1559 at Westminster Cathedral. Queen Elizabeth took pride in her long fingers, & had a collection of incredibly ornate gloves. Her coronation gloves are currently on display at Selfridges London (2012) along with other pairs owned by British royals!

    King Henry VIII signature

    King Henry VIII's Bedchamber @HeverCastle.

    A diagram of the genealogy of the kings of England, including Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI, Edward IV, Richard III, and Henry VII. England, S. E. (London or Westminster)

    Great Hall, Hampton Court Palace. Given my fascination with the Tudors that's where I need to be!

    Portrait of King Henry VIII


    August 2, 1990 - February 28, 1991 - The Gulf War. my husband served in this war.

    Anne Boleyn Gown

    A 500-year-old portrait of Henry VIII discovered under the plaster of a British house.

    Elizabeth I -- the "virgin" queen. Survived multiple assassination attempts and took a broken country and lead it into the "Golden Years". Such a strong woman with just the right amounts of each of her parents - Henry VIII & Anne Boylen- in her.

    The Princess Elizabeth, at about age fourteen. I have always preferred the fashions of this earlier Tudor Era. Note the jewelry she wears, and do follow the link to read more on the jewelry worn by the Tudor upper classes.

    Tudor Bedroom, Hever Castle, Edenbridge, Kent (given to Anne of Cleves, 4th wife of Henry VIII after their annulment)

    Hatfield and McCoy Photo Gallery | The Hatfield clan

    Tennyson Samuel "Tennis" Hatfield, Youngest son of Anse and Levicey Hatfield

    Tennyson Samuel Hatfield son of Anse Hatfield

    Joe, Tennyson (Tennis) and Troy Hatfield sons of Anse hatfield

    Devil Anse Hatfields family 3 generations. Taken early 1900's. History project.

    Johnse Hatfield lover to Roseanna McCoy and husband to Nancy McCoy. Oldest son of clan leader William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield.

    Rest place of 8-month-old Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Roseanne McCoy and Johnse Hatfield. Found in Pike Co KY as part of the Hatfield McCoy driving tour.

    Ranel McCoy~~~The Hatfield and McCoy Family Feud Photo 1899 West Virginia Kentucky Hillbillys | eBay

    RANDOLPH "RANDALL" McCOY Birth: 1825, USA Death: 1914, USA Folk Figure. He was the patriarch of the famous McCoy family of Kentucky. During the 1860s a feud began with his neighbor Anderson 'Devil Anse' Hatfield, which they decided to try and settle with guns. The feuding between the two families lasted for over 50 years. The incident gained national attention and became known simply as 'the Hatfield-McCoy feud

    The original Crown used for the coronation of Henry VII, Henry VIII and his three children Edward V, Mary I and Elizabeth I has been recreated, it will be on exhibition at Hampton Court

    Elizabeth I burial is in Westminster Abbey, her sister Mary is buried beneath her in this tomb - ironic that they should be buried together as it were. Westminster Abbey = one of my favourite places to visit in London.