HUGAD Curtain rod corner connector - white - IKEA ~ for screened porch

THE BEST IDEA EVER!!! DIY curtain rod for bay windows -- do NOT spend thousands on custom crap...easy DIY! YEA~ Can't wait to try Easy DIY Bay Curtain Rod from

DIY Bay Window Curtain Rod - to allow curtains to be fully opened.

Add curtains to your deck or patio for a little privacy. | 43 Insanely Cool Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

RÄCKA Curtain rod corner connector - black - IKEA/ comes in white too - GENIUS, for my half bay window wall!

Cheap curtain rod brackets from Lowes and pvc pipe spray painted black. This is what I need in my dining room!

So THIS is how you connect curtain rods around corners, in bay windows and such! Curtain rod connectors. Come in several colors.

diy curtain hardware Wow, L Brackets and hole straps to make your own curtain braces, Good to know!

HUGAD Curtain rod set for bay window - IKEA article number 599.292.19 for living room window

Curtain_Rods_and_Finials - How to create your own curtain rods for $5.

awesome curtian rods - easy to have sheers under curtains this way! livingroom/our bedroom - RÄCKA/HUGAD Double curtain rod set - IKEA

One option for hardware for hanging corner window curtains. RÄCKA Curtain rod corner connector - white - IKEA For the sunroom?

Bay Window Curtain Rods

bring some shade to your porch with cheap canvas drop cloths, outdoor living, porches, Curtains at night with rope lighting fun for parties or just relaxing

Pipe pipe clamps for a curtain rod - very simple, doesn't stick out from the wall too far - will use for my curtains around the mirrored sliding doors in the bedroom since it won't interfere with the slide

Using cable and eye hooks for a curtain rod! I am so excited about this because i've been trying to figure out how to do a room divider with a short wall i have and a weird drop ceiling. PERFECT!

RÄCKA/HUGAD Double curtain rod combination - IKEA

Paralyzed by the prosect of choosing curtains and drapes? This quick primer will give you the know-how to find the right window treatments for every spot in your home.

These bamboo blinds are an inexpensive way to add texture and control light in a porch. The blinds give privacy and block some light, but still allow small amounts of light into the room. This is an ideal treatment for a sun porch. Drapery panels add softness and color.

Nice Setup!!..IKea Malm vanity..This reminds me I need to wipe down my table and rearrange everything!!..LOL..Spring Cleaning!!! =)