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from The Jungalow

Farmer's Market Hollywood

Blood Oranges ~ Mary Wald's Place - So much inspiration at the Farmers Market. A delight to all of the senses. Photos by J. Blakeney

Purple Spring Garlic Good at warding off vampires, better at making your food delicious. This colorful garlic plant is a member of the allium family, and you're much more likely to find that it's grown locally. (Much of the white grocery store variety is grown overseas, and isn't nearly as fresh.) Garlic is well-known for its health powers, which range from preventing cancer to scurvy (it's packed with vitamin C).  (Photo: Jennifer Greco/Getty Images)

Cerezas, de su hueso sale el aceite que lleva, entre otros, nuestro exfoliante labial Cherry Bomb ( o nuestro tratamiento para el cabello Chrysalis (