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Anybody can do circles! More kid's art that can do magic in art therapy groups. The piece has a particular focus/responds to a particular question. Each circle can represent a person, a thought, a feeling, a situation etc.. Lines spaces between can indicate the relationships and connections btwn these elements . . .

Inspirational, for ongoing graphic designing...

source; dudewhatever They Say I'm a

Lady Gaga This links to order an disorder because the womans face is covered in circles of all sizes but it also shows order because the size of the circles have changed and have been strategically placed

Dezelfde vorm die steeds wordt herhaald.

There's something about all of these that is so indie -- reminds me of album covers

Roll forever, see things from my world. Roll forever, feeling invincible. ~Roll Forever // White Arrows

Point Ss #circle #graphic #design The nature element is really pretty, nice vertical visual movement