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  • Linda Eklund
    Linda Eklund • 8 weeks ago

    This look's just like my old bath tub when I was a kid...just add another ladle of hot water when the next kid got in...YUK!!!!

  • Carolee Groux
    Carolee Groux • 8 weeks ago

    Linda, we had a round one and a square one, (one for hot water rinse and one for cold water rinse), but ours were deeper than the washtub shown here. On hot summer days Mom filled them with cold water and we got to play in them in the back yard.

  • Linda Eklund
    Linda Eklund • 8 weeks ago

    And wasn't that great such thing as a swimming pool to many of us...couldn't afford mom and dad weren't very well off...had a good life anyway...!!

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