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  • Caitlin Richardson

    One day I want to buy a vw, Travel around Europe, park up and star gaze in Paris, camp in my van in Amsterdam, pick Up hitchikers London, explore the meaning of life and just enjoy waiting. It is not often we get to enjoy waiting for things to happen. We all see waiting as a waste of time. I can't wait to wait.

  • Vanessa Arrocha

    I one day will go to Hawaii and rent a VW bus to go to the beach in

  • Katie Wiseman

    vw van. my dream car.

  • Annamarie May

    VW bus - when all of our friends get minivans, we'll be getting this. #Roadtrip #VW

  • Spilltojill

    #vwvan. hit the road.

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It is my personal dream to buy a VW van, gut it and make it into a cool trip-mobile with built in couch/bench seating, tv/game center, mini fridge. I may not do it before my son grows up but maybe I can do for him and his kids. I just think it would be the coolest thing EVA

VW... our van was this color... back in the 70's :)

VW Volkswagen van - always wanted one of these. I like the idea of being able to drive wherever you want and camp out in random spots :)

a cool minivan.... though more conservative colors or shoild i just say dull colors then with a modified interior

Can't afford an RV. Maybe this? My family had a VW bus, it was the first car I ever drove! Loved it.

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