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The dating scene is rough. Blind dates. Missed connections. Finding out you’re related. Food, however, is a reliable good. Display your allegiance to food with the black Ready For A Pringle T-shirt by DPCTED. Bold text across the chest reads Chubby Single And Ready For A Pringle. God knows, once you pop the fun don’t stop. I like this guys wit! <3


Your pants say yoga…

This is perfect because I love my yoga pants and mcdonalds!!! It's sort of mean when you think about it, but so funny at the same time!


My second favorite

You have to admit, that is funny ;)

One of the funniest things you'll ever read! EPIC!


Me, crazy?

Me: Wait what? I don't get it? *2 seconds later* Me: oh ha...haha...hahaha lol I get it that's funny 😏😆


My life is a romantic comedy…

Hahaha story of my life ;)

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