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Inspiration: A Personal Cyber Attic

While it's not our first time witnessing the transformation of attics into dedicated home theaters, this comfortable confine refines the purpose of having sloped ceilings, which contributes to improving the acoustics of the room itself. One more shot shot and details, after the jump.
  • Tay Anderson

    home theatre room. This would just be so sick if you had a little attic space! What a great family room.

  • Holly Franke-Malinish

    Cause my dream house has a movie room in the attic!

  • Megan Konchar

    bonus room or attic space

  • Lianna Montgomery

    An attic turned into a home theater room. i want to build my house with attic space like this for this purpose! BASICALLY WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH ALL MY OLD MOVIE THEATER STUFF!

  • Catherine Deloughery

    Great idea for an attic space. Movie room?

  • Graciela Ripoll

    I love this idea for an attic space. I had clients that were married and the husband wanted to do this and I think the wife's exact words went something like over my dead body. In her defense, I am not sure I would want to sleep belo are surround sound bounding media room either.

  • Elizabeth Terry

    Dream house .... tv room in the attic!

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