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Free Westward Expansion Printables and Unit Study Resources: Lewis & Clark, Mocassins, Nature Study

Westward Expansion free worksheets for elementary age children. There are different pages for early elementary and later elementary.

Montsegur in south-western France is a famous fortification. Castle de Montsegur was rebuilt on the ruins of one of the last strongholds of the Cathars who were believed to be an heretical sect by the Catholic Church. In 1243-44 the Cathars, were besieged there by 10 000 troops and 220 Cathars were burned en masse in a bonfire when they refused to renounce their faith. Later a new fortress was built to guard the southern frontier. Wikipedia.

An Old Trapper. Hunters and fur trappers were the first white people to settle on the frontier. They sold the fur from animals that they hunted and trapped animals such as beaver and raccoons. A famous hunter and fur trapper from North Carolina who helped blaze a trail through the Cumberland Gap into the frontier of what is now known as Kentucky : Daniel Boone