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So much adorableness!!! Can't handle the cuddle-y cuteness!!!

Rosey by coopbear99, via Flickr Rosey by coopbear99 on Flickr

Snow, it makes everything cuter.. and puppies show us how to have fun in the winter wonderland

"Don't be scared, I've got you".

via the Daily Puppy Puppy Breed: Golden Retriever Basil is the fluffiest, sweetest, most playful dog you'll ever meet. He loves to eat leaves, chew on water bottles, and sleep underneath the coffee table. His favorite place to hang out is in the guest bathroom under the air conditioning vent. He has 13 brothers and sisters, and two exceptional parents --show dogs!

This is just ridiculously cute -- Goldendoodle puppy that looks like a freakin' stuffed animal. Want to boop on the nose

Can I go to Woofstock at Fontanel this Saturday, PLEEEEEEEEEASE? It benefits dog rescues. You know Bonaparte's Retreat & Crossroads Campus > Join us at #WoofstockAtFontanel June 7, 2014 - Emmylou Harris & Friends >

rottweiler and lab mix, the dog i grew up with was similar to this. She was teh most wonderfull dog ever!!! Miss you Abby.

So sweet. Reminds me of my dog that just passed away two weeks ago. I miss her so much. :-(

My all-time favorite puppy picture. ♥!