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    Disney Princesses 2 - from DeviantArt

    Plus Size Princesses by Edull


    Not all princesses, but still cool.

    This is pretty cool. The creators have confirmed that Rapunzels mom and Anna and Elsas mom are sisters so Anna and Elsa and Repunzel are cousins and THAT explains why you can see Rapunzel and Eugiene at Elsas coronation!!

    From top left: Prince Phillip (Sleeping Beauty), Aladdin (Aladdin), Jim Hawkins (Treasure Planet), Peter Pan (Peter Pan), Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert (Tangled), Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog), John Smith (Pocahontas), Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid), Prince Adam/Beast (Beauty and the Beast), Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove), Tarzan (Tarzan), Phoebus (The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Hercules (Hercules), Kocoum (Pocahontas), Li Shang (Mulan), Milo Thatch (Altantis: The Lost Empire)

    13 Disney Princesses Pose For The Cover Of Vogue…

    Disney Star Wars mashup "OK, so a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." "Rebel Princess" is available only at for a limited time only!

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    Twisted Princesses


    Modern Day Disney Princesses. Configuring thousands of physical features of women from around the world to come up with the perfect modern day princess! Interesting!

    It was so perfect until the end. Like really? Did we have to go there.

    ✝☮✿★ DISNEY LOVE ✝☯★☮ Disney Princesses as Punks

    Disney Characters as Hogwarts Students


    "Disney Princess Prom" by keyaluvsfrank on Polyvore

    Disney Princess

    Disney Princesses In Their Princes Costumes.... Look, I get why Mulan isn't there, but we're still missing a few and it vexes me so. They all look so cute in the princes outfits which makes me wonder what the princes would look like in the princesses dresses