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This is what I'm like in my bed too... I have to constantly face the room.

JK Rowling killed... I still love her books no matter how much I miss the characters. :'(

T͛h͛e͛ c͛o͛n͛t͛r͛a͛s͛t͛ T͛V͛ b͛e͛t͛w͛e͛e͛n͛ m͛e͛ a͛n͛d͛ m͛y͛ y͛o͛u͛n͛g͛e͛r͛ s͛i͛s͛, g͛u͛e͛s͛s͛ w͛h͛i͛c͛h͛o͛n͛e͛ i͛s͛ w͛h͛i͛c͛h͛

hahahahahaha... The evil Dr. Voldemortz is buying up all the floo powder in the Tri-House Area... Go get him, Agent T!

I'm dying. I love the person who made this.

This made us LOL. We can have a lot of fun with this as office art, substituting the faces of our management team.

The longer I look at it the funnier it gets

I want to play a doing this to the kid!!!

Harry Potter is just that awesome lol

The back of yo head is riddikulus. "Can I have it. Can I have it?"