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Convicted of Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit God convicted me I asked for a miracle and God showed me His love. Click the picture to read more.


Pictures of Lightning. Forked thunder and lightning picture featuring deserts, volcanoes, sunsets. The flicker you see in lightning is due to the individual bolts, which combine to make the flash.

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Previous pinner: Purple lightning - We saw a bolt of purple lightning during our last thunderstorm. Me: I was browsing through a bunch of storm pictures today, and it was very colorful, to say the least!

lampo e tuono nella notte..

Cool photo by Austin Mann, a Baylor grad, of Pat Neff Hall during a Texas lightning storm.

Long Time Exposure Photography

We had a fantastic lightening storm last nite, Aug Booms, low rumbles, actual lightening bolts (not the typical sheet lightening). Haven't had a good one in SW Puget Sound for years. a really good picture of an amazing set of lightning strikes.