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Beautiful Black and Grey tattoo by Eric Marcinizyn at SHANE ONEILL'S INFAMOUS TATTOO in Middletown, DE.

I thought a koi fish turned into a dragon when he reaches the top of the mountain, not a Pheonix? Either way, tat is baaaad ass!

Mehndi aka Henna, wow on the back, that's different... could be hot on your wedding night (Indo-Pak brides)

Checkout JANE BORDEAUX MUSIC at PHOTO GALLERY and hear the song everyone's talking about, EROTICATION by Jane Bordeaux (explicit lyrics) & viewunique pictures & photos of beautiful, awesome, amazing, realistic, 3d tattoos and tattoo body art (artwork, art, greyscale, color, male, female, arm, leg, back, neck, hands, chest and eyes) such as this inspirational image. Realistic 3D Elephant tattoo tusks

I think that this is only a good idea when you define yourself as a writer or a reader, and then take your favorite passages to put under your skin. Also if you get a fantastic 3d tattoo artist. Otherwise, it just won't be the same!

Freja Beha - 'Serendipity Is Life'

I was actually thinking about getting a tattoo kind of like this...but just have it say BEAUTIFUL. Love this! Love who u are ladies -ARG

inked music, I actually really like this treble clef. Maybe even more than the others....

Awesome watercolor detail, love and key tattoo - like the design/effect, would like it done on the tattoo I have planned....