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Funny pictures about Charging Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Charging Bear. Also, Charging Bear.

Sieste ours polaire

Polar Bears Amazing World beautiful amazing. Baby on momma bear


An Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear Cub, In Cook Inlet, Alaska by Edwin Kats


Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear! Again, I want to sit in his lap and just hug him!


Eagles share space with bears in the hope of leftover salmon. Swooping for leftover salmon

The power! I would need new underwear if I was in front of this bear

Brown bear diving for salmon. Photo by Charles Glatzer.

Mothers love

sweet mama and baby panda bear

What a beautiful baby

even the most ferocious animals have a tender side. mama and newborn baby polar bear!

What the cubs are really saying?  "Look Mama! Here comes lunch!"

Mama bear and cubs. That's a lotta cubs

A polar bear cub takes a graceful dive while mom looks on. What an awesome shot.

Baby Polar Bear Dive Mom,'s like "I told you no!