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ADHD- this is the best quick description I have found. Adults and kids "get it" and it doesn't put anyone down. Circuses are fun and most can relate to trying to watch all 3 rings at the same time

The 7 Types of ADD: ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar

1) Classic ADD, 2) Inattentive ADD 3) Overfocused ADD 4) Temporal lobe ADD 5) Limbic ADD 6) Ring of fire and 7) Anxious ADD. - "Attention deficit is not a single or a simple disorder." Daniel Amen- ADDfreeSources:

25 reasons women make emotional decisions Hemingway. Maybe the only quote I could ever see myself having for a tattoo. We are all broken...thats how the light gets in.

ADHD It's not a Disability. It's a different ability. I don't want to change my child. I want to help him learn to channel his energy and creativity. he will be wildly successful!