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Spot on!

Yep reckon this sums me up quite well!Pisces biggest fears,,,everything you are going through right now.


Pisces will be the first to accept and open up. But when you break their trust, and their heart, you will have a long way to go before you are trusted again.

Lol... Yes

I agree I love childish all the kid movies and stuffed animals but the last thing most people would describe me as is childish.


I am such a Pisces. And it's only my moon sign. But then again, women are more like their moon signs while men are more like their sun signs

This scared me it was so accurate, who is spying on me

Pisces love like no other, but we get hurt easily. Be gentle and we will treat you like gold.

True.  I either absolutely care or I absolutely don't!

So when my action says i don't care, i really don't baby. No one wnats to taste pisces's wrath.