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Springpad: Mind Maps vs Concept Maps

Evernote: free online storage of your files, notes, audios, and images. Available as an desktop application, web-based option, and apps to give you access to your information everywhere! Teachers might find this as a great way to manage student portfolios or use it as their own filing system.

Iceberg Concept of Culture- I use this for so many activities in class. Primarily, I use it for students to analyze elements of culture found in literature, movies, and art. It helps them seem deeper than the surface levels of culture.

Knowledge management scholars

Technology and Arts Integration Worksheet

Getting Smart created this infographic that describes how deeper learning opportunities can be created for every student with personal digital learning tools:

There's no homework in Finland and it's no secret that Finland has the top school system in the world. How do they do it? Infographic

After 2 hours of not doing calculus homework I wound up on pintrest so then I decided to search calculus to feeler ductile maybe this will helping eventually

If you’re wondering who Hemingway is, this post is for you. Sometimes writing can be a pain. Especially if you’re writing a last minute assignment with little time to spare. No matter how hard we try, our writing is not always going to be at its best. Whatever the case, there are some great new apps available  to …

Alice - FREE Education Software that teaches students computer programming in a 3D environment

Non Fiction Text Structures! -- BLOG post sharing great freebies & resources!