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Infographics: Vector Graphs and Elements Vol.2 Everything is resizable! You can easily modify shapes and change colors as you like. It suits to website designs and printed materials with high resolution too. http://startupstacks.com/infographics/infographics-vector-graphs-elements-vol-2.html - free download

info poster.

cut out data

"Eye" magazine ||

The landscape of business is constantly changing and so does the technology and marketing techniques involved. A lot more businesses are using the power of infographics to really reach out to their target market. If you’re a designer doing some work for businesses in all shapes and sizes, chances are ... Continue reading »

Gallina infographic

info graphic awesomeness!

New York Times - The Office of Feltron.com

Amazing 3D Human-Sized Infographics



Plaza Masthead magazine layout

Information graphics in context by Peter Ørntoft, via Behance

Esquire - The Office of Feltron.com

This Dott infographic, Cornwall by Design, visualizes everything the company does and makes it all come together in a glorious little dot



Wired Italy infographic by Feltron ( http://theofficeof.feltron.com/ )