"honey, the baby is not eating..time to bring out the passport"

I cannot tell you how hard I am laughing.

What that highway sign near the border looks like to me

You had ONE job

OMG I laughed more should have

I can't stop laughing!

Why does this make me laugh?

Probably laughing too much right now:)

made me laugh so hard.

holy shit why am i laughing so hard | dude this isn’t even funny why am i giggling | the longer you look at it the funnier it gets

I don't know why I can't stop laughing at this.

Cannot stop laughing!

True story...

Love it.

I almost died out laughing in the middle of class 😂😂😂

LOOK HOW MUCH FUN WE ARE HAVING HA HA HA WE LOVE OUR FUNNY SALAD SO FUCKING MUCH HA HA HA...... I can not decide which is my favorite. I think maybe the girl laughing and eating a salad in the woods by herself, she seems real stable.

Interesting recipe. I don't think this is one I'll try

Well, That's Good Enough For Today

Haha. Very true.

I'm sorry God that I'm disrespectfully reposting a pic with cussing, but besides that, THIS IS SO FUNNY HAHA XD

Lets take a selfie... I see what you did there but those glasses were designed to prevent the nuralizers effects... Sorry just forget I ruined the joke *puts on glasses, pulls out nuralizer and flashes everyone* ok you guys don't remember it but I made a really funny comment and you should laugh