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  • Luiz Paulo Oliveira

    wondering that is like looking in the eyes of your true love!

  • Valérie Lise

    Love at first sight. #elephants #love #animals #photography #black and white #beauty #nature

  • Skye

    "This photo touches my heart. Elephants prove that animals do have feelings and emotions, for elephants will rejoice when reunited with a loved one or a long lost friend, and they will grieve just as humans do when they lose someone they love. And perhaps most admirable, they are often willing to fight to the death if need be just to protect the very youngest and most helpless members of the herd. These beautiful, giant beasts demonstrate the meaning of unconditional love." ~Skye

  • Adriane Vanselous

    <3 "Seeing eye to eye on things" <3

  • Adriana Rae Tucker

    Elephants... and this photo alone is why they are my all time favorite animals <3 so sweet

  • Lacy Myers

    I missed you! I love African Elephants - beautiful animals

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