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Passion Flower Vine -- These flowers are so large and fragrant that they attract many pollinators.

Passion Flower--keeping base flowers white/blue....middle petals and septals full of vibrant color!

Passion flower - natural art in the garden We have these in the yard. The vines go everywhere-lol! The fruit is delish. We have to pollinate them ourselves with a feather since there are only a few bees here on Oahu.

Rare light pink Passion Flowers- my Son has these all over his front porch and in his back yard in San Antonio Texas U.S.A.

Passionflower - a constant reminder of what lays in store - if this flower is only a "hint"!GLORY TO GOD

**Passiflora Hermana Healey found one of these beautiful flowers in the park in Bella Vista Argentina.

Blue Passion Flower by Foto Martien, via Flickr

A fascinating flower, it looks fake. They come in many colors. They are a climbing plant and can tolerate direct sun.

Passion flower - we had these in our back yard growing up. They take over but are so interesting looking and beautiful when there are many in full bloom on the vine.